Bücher über alle Formate“: Konsumenten lesen heute zu Hause oder unterwegs, auf Papier, digital oder sie hören Bücher. Amazon’s “working backwards”-Ansatz nutzt aktuelle Technologien, um auf diesen Wandel in den Lese-Präferenzen eingehen und entsprechende Angebote an die Kunden entwickeln zu können.


Flexibility and variety are becoming increasingly important to readers. Reading happens at home or on the go, digitally, on paper or through audio. The need for different formats is fluent and publishing across formats has become the industry standard for a large part of released content. Besides publishing across multiple formats, how can we address the changes in behavior of the customer? At Amazon perhaps the most important of our 14 leadership principles is Customer Obsession. When developing a new technology or idea, we start with the customer and work backwards. It’s not just a way of thinking, but also a process that gives us consistent customer focus.