Patrici Tixis is the director of corporate communications at Grupo Planeta, the largest Spanish and Latin America publishing and media group. Since 2011, he has been its institutional representative in publishing sector associations.

He serves as a chair of the largest spanish guild (known as Gremi d’Editors de Catalunya), based in Barcelona, and whose member companies represent over half of Spain and Latin America publishing output. He is vice president of the management board of the Spanish Federation of Publishers Guilds (FGEE in its spanish acronym) and member elected of the executive commite at the IPA, the Internatonal Publishers Asociation. As well he serves as a chair of the catalan Chamber of Books, institution that represents and defends the interest of publishers, booksellers, distributors and printers.

Furthermore he is a member of Cedro, the non-profit association of authors and publishers of books, magazines and newspapers, whose task is the protection and collective management of intellectual property rights stemming from the secondary use of these publications. He has been the vice-chairman from 2012 to 2016 and he now serves as Treasurer.

From all these positions he has been focused on defending copyright and promoting initiatives in Spain against piracy on the internet.


Patrici Tixis (1961) is a journalist who completed his training in business management development program at IESE business school. He worked for over fifteen years in print and audiovisual media in Spain and then he started to work to Grupo Planeta and the publishing industry in 2001. He belongs to the board of the spanish Chamber of Books, and is a member of the Council of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.