Beyond Publishing – Direct-to-Consumer, Big Data, ArtificiaI Intelligence: enrich your organization’s mind-set to become a trusted provider of knowledge and services

Publishing has well expanded beyond books. As a result, new players have become powerful competitors in our industry. A new wave of technological innovation is transforming how content is produced, managed, and delivered. Target audiences of readers, professionals, or learners have abundant choice. So, publishers must embrace new business models to retain their position.

The debates at the Publishers’ Forum 2018 examined how this is impacting on publishers in all sectors by revealing new opportunities and challenging traditional ways of doing business:

  • Re-thinking consumer books, through a consumer lens and mind-set;
  • Upgrading the publishing toolbox to unleashing the power of digital, especially in controlling, data management, marketing and sales;
  • Exploring a world in which artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, or multiple-media narrative are naturally built-in features;
  • Re-organizing publishing houses to accommodate extended value chains, co-operations and partnerships, agile management, resulting in confident teams.

The Publishers’ Forum 2018 presented strategic keynote addresses, high-level panel discussions, and hands-on workshops on each of these lead topics.

Putting a focus on experienced international thought leaders and experienced practitioners, the event blended provocative innovations with reality checks and balances to make your publishing operation future-proof.

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“Big + Small: To succeed in the next wave of transformation, it will take more than any one player can tackle alone”

The business of publishing is diversifying and becoming more complex as a result …

… So it reshuffles the cards and deals new hands to both the major players and the new niche competitors: see Angry Birds. With more than 2 billion downloads since its release in 2009 by the Finnish video game developer Rovio, the bad-tempered birds have gathered flocks of fans from around the world. Behind this global success is a strategy of clever partnerships. Laura Nevanlinna demonstrated how this works for books. As the founder and CEO of Kaiken Publishing in Helsinki, she is responsible for the worldwide commercialization of Rovio’s brand in magazines and books.

Author to reader: new ways vs. traditional ways

Authors no longer connect with their audience solely through the traditional intermediaries of publisher and bookseller. Rather, a multitude of models have developed to bring together authors and audiences – along the traditional pathways or more directly via communities. Andreas von der Heyd, Head of Kindle Content in Germany, will report on author communities, taking Amazon as an example.

More and more authors hare creating not just one business model, but several

As a writer, Zoë Beck has contracts with well-established publishers. Her next novel will be published by Suhrkamp. However, she decided to become a (digital) publisher herself – as the co-founder of CulturBooks. Why? She’ll tell us at the Forum.

A new “regulatory framework”: weak wording for controversial discussion

Publishers have to come to terms with a new so-called “regulatory framework”. In Germany and in Europe, the discussions around the redrafting of the fundamental legislation rank among the most controversial topics. The tangible effects on book publishers will be surveyed and analyzed in a podium discussion with international speakers, including Joerg Pfuhl, CEO of the trade publishers of Holtzbrinck Publishing Group.

Comprehensive outlooks, compact input on these and other topics, and stimulating, inspiring discussions and debates await you at the Publishers‘ Forum on 24 and 25 April 2017 in Berlin.

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All that publishing! How the business of books is expanding, converging and fragmenting – all at the same time

The big digital storm seems to have passed for the moment, without leaving devastation in its wake. E-book sales in Europe have stalled at a low level, and their growth has plateaued in English.

In fact, the opposite is true.

The predominant market leaders are putting an ever bigger footprint onto the entire book business. As print is shrinking at the same time, and more readers are focusing on just a few bestsellers. Industry consolidation, the expansion of the value chain, and the optimization of the workflow define the agenda for the strongest players. At the same time, a remarkable number of new companies have been launched recently.

Meanwhile, for readers –consumers –, looking at books is hardly any different from embracing any other content, media or format. They wouldn’t scorn a book (on paper or on a screen) in favor of a game, or a video, or time spent on social media; this mobile audience moves seamlessly from one to the other in a confident manner.

The speed of the transformation of the book business has only accelerated, even if in a more matter-of-fact way.

The Publishers’ Forum 2016 explored the extended value chain and the ever more complex processes, both from a strategic and a how-to-implement perspective.

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How to Reconstruct Publishing:
Competing Visions, Channels and Audiences.

With the transformation of the publishing industry in full swing, the goal of the 2015 edition of the Publishers’ Forum Berlin was to identify exemplary perspectives and topics and illuminate the junction where strategic visions meet practical challenges and opportunities.

Due to the fragmentation of the market, the debate revolved around multiple key topics and driving forces, not just a single, central issue.

The programs of the Publishers’ Forum 2015 was grouped around the following lead topics:

Navigating successfully in uncharted waters

  • Making the best use of resources
  • Exemplary investment strategies in publishing
  • Re-organizing the value chain, in view of growing complexity and risks, with IT decisions taking center stage in all processes;
  • Attracting and organizing the Next Generation of talent

Exploring the new continents ahead

  • Embracing, understanding and assessing new models:
    A critical review of subscription and lending services.
  • When publishing goes Pop: How new cultures, new audiences, and new expectations impact on an old industry;
  • The author and the publisher: Re-defining a strained core-relationship
  • Publishing beyond publishers: How the publishers can respond

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Das Publishers‘ Forum wird 2014 zum 11. Mal in Berlin stattfinden, vom 5.-6. Mai.
Ein Kreis internationaler, erfahrener und bekannter Branchenexperten hat sich bereiterklärt, die Programmarbeit aktiv zu unterstützen und kritisch zu begleiten (u.a.: Prof. Dr. Joerg Pfuhl, Vorstandsvorsitzender, Stiftung Lesen; Stephan Schierke, President & CEO, arvato publisher services; Marion Winkenbach, Geschäftsführerin, Bibliographisches Institut, ein Tochterunternehmen der Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe).

2014 bietet zahlreiche weitere konzeptionelle Verbesserungen, u.a.: den CEO Day; längere, in die Tiefe gehende internationale Keynotes; tages- und sprachübergreifende Themenschwerpunkte; Zusammenführung der Ergebnisse der Konferenz für alle Teilnehmer in gemeinsamen Schlussworten.
Kooperationspartner der Konferenz ist arvato Systems.

Lesen Sie die Pressemitteilung von Klopotek vom 19. November 2013 (PDF)

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Das Publishers’ Forum 2013 findet am 22. und 23 April im Hôtel Concorde Berlin statt. Warum haben wir diese Entscheidung getroffen, wo doch die beeindruckenden Räumlichkeiten der axica in den vergangenen Jahren so viel zur Atmosphäre des Forums beigetragen haben?

The Publishers’ Forum 2013 will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of April at the Hôtel Concorde in Berlin. Why have we decided to change the location when the impressive venue at the axica has contributed so much to the atmosphere of the Forum in previous years?


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The 9th Publishers’ Forum took place in the axica in Berlin from 23-24 April, under the shadow of the Brandenburg Gate. 310 participants discussed subjects such as creativity and agile workflows, semantics, copyright, change management, undiscovered potential and transforming customer expectations. The discussion was particularly intensive on Twitter as well this year.

Vom 23.-24. April 2012 fand das Publishers’ Forum in der axica in Berlin in unmittelbarer Nähe des Brandenburger Tors statt. Mehr als 300 Teilnehmer diskutierten zu Content in seinem Context, Semantik, Kreativität und Agile Workflows, Copyright, Change Management, ungenutzte Potentiale oder sich ändernde Kundenerwartungen. Besonders intensiv verlief dieses Jahr die Diskussion auch über Twitter.

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The speed at which today‘s content is spread, modified, and continuously improved demands new business approaches that do not rely on a specific format and forces the operational and distribution processes in the publishing industry to be adapted to customer requirements.

‘Future-proof business‘ has been given a new meaning – preserving functioning processes that might still work tomorrow doesn‘t cut it anymore: Now is the time to think in terms of business models that do not even exist yet. Prepare now for the future, so the future won’t remain uncertain: With strong support from sponsors from across the industry, Klopotek offers publishers and service providers a forum for putting new concepts to the test and learning about other people’s new ideas.

The 8th Publishers‘ Forum took place in Berlin from 2-3 May 2011. Within just a few years, the Forum has become a key industry event, boasting two days filled with concepts, expert know-how and hands-on workshops with an enthusiastic audience in one of the most inspiring locations Berlin has to offer. Over 300 professionals from various sectors participated in the event: publishers, newspapers, libraries, the film and music industry, internet portals, from the economic and scientific sectors, and from strategy consultants.

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Was hat sich im Vergleich zu den Vorjahren geändert? Das
7. Publishers’ Forum zeigte, dass viele Fragen heute noch ungelöst und unbeantwortet scheinen. Aber trotz allem herrschte in den Diskussionen Konsens darüber, dass man sich bereits jetzt auf Möglichkeiten, Ideen, Entwicklungen, Formate und Produkte vorbereiten kann, die momentan noch nicht sicher vorhersehbar sind. Es geht darum, sich so flexibel aufzustellen, dass man Antworten auf und Lösungen für Herausforderungen finden kann, die die Branche unter Umständen jetzt nur erahnt. An zwei Tagen beteiligten sich ca. 290 Teilnehmer von Verlagen, Dienstleistern und aus dem Hochschulbereich konzentriert an Vorträgen, Diskussionen und Workshops in der axica in Berlin. Am Beispiel der Rechtediskussion wurde deutlich, dass es so viele Ausformungen von Rechten gibt, dass man sie mit den bisherigen Begriffen und Vorstellungen nicht fassen kann. Trotz dieser komplizierten Situation müssen Content-Provider schnell und entschieden handeln, um nicht davon überrascht zu werden, dass man neue Produktformen und Distributionskanäle nicht rechtzeitig bedacht oder sie zu lange unbeachtet gelassen hat. Im Folgenden geben wir einige Eindrücke von der Veranstaltung wieder. Wir danken allen Anwesenden herzlich für ihre engagierte Teilnahme.

Die Dokumentation des 7. Publishers’ Forum 2010 ist für Sie fertiggestellt. Sie können Informationen, Gedankengänge und Schlussfolgerungen Revue passieren lassen, mit denen sich die knapp 300 Teilnehmer des Forums in der großartigen Umgebung des axica-Konferenzzentrums während der zwei Konferenztage beschäftigt haben. Wir würden uns freuen, Sie im nächsten Jahr am 2. und 3. Mai 2011 beim 8. Publishers’ Forum begrüßen zu können – zum wiederholten oder auch gern zum ersten Mal.

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190 publishing industry specialists took part in this year’s Publishers’ Forum. We would like to thank everybody who took part in the event and shared thoughts and ideas with us.

190 Vertreter aus Verlagen, Dienstleistungs- unternehmen und Hochschulen waren beim Publishers’ Forum 2009 dabei. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre engagierte Teilnahme und freuen uns darauf, Sie beim Forum 2010 wieder zu treffen.

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