Jesús Badenes was born in Castellón (Spain) 53 years ago, graduated in Economics from the University of Barcelona ​​with an Extraordinary Prize, later he studied an MBA at the University of Rochester (NY), thanks to a Fulbright scholarship granted by la Caixa.

He started his professional career in consulting at McKinsey & Company, where he participated in strategic projects related to the financial sector, consumer goods / marketing and energy.

With the new century, he joined Grupo Planeta as a Managing Director in the Books Division, and he started his most beloved professional project, Publishing, which has led him to know the Latin American markets, as well as the Spanish market. During this period, Grupo Planeta has consolidated its leadership in the Spanish market, both in paper edition and in e-books, to subsequently undertake the development of new business models.

Jesús is a regular participant in sectorial think tanks, and he is also a member of the Frankfurt Book Fair International Advisory Board.

On a personal basis, he enjoys farming and agricultural projects, biking and walking into the woods.

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