Klopotek_mediumIn 1992, Ulrich Klopotek von Glowczewski founded Klopotek & Partner GmbH, which he today continues to head up as Managing Director and CEO.  Early on, he took key strategic decisions which continue to set the company apart from its competitors: a clear focus on innovative technology to support business process in publishing houses and media companies, using standard software based on an integrated database to model the entire value-creation chain. By 1998, Klopotek & Partner GmbH had advanced to be the market leader for publishing software in Germany.

Ulrich Klopotek von Glowczewski was the architect behind the Klopotek group (headed by Klopotek AG) and a strategic reorientation and internationalization of the company, establishing Klopotek B.V. for the Benelux region and Klopotek Ltd. in the UK in 2000, followed by Klopotek North America Inc. in 2004. In 2006, Klopotek North America acquired Global Turnkey Systems Inc. – a step that made Klopotek North America a key player in the US publishing software industry. The Klopotek group entered the French market in 2011.

As a result of Ulrich Klopotek von Glowczewski’s strategic vision and acumen, leading international publishing groups such as Bertelsmann, Holtzbrinck, Elsevier and Penguin Random House now utilize Klopotek software. 40% of the world’s 50 leading publishing houses use Klopotek software to achieve their goals.

Right from the start, Ulrich Klopotek von Glowczewski focused on the development of software that is characterized by a comprehensive range of features that streamline every cost-relevant link in the customers’ process chain. In 2010, he brought the concept of “rent instead of buy” to the publishing market: software as a service – easy to implement, quickly operational, cost-effective with no need for in-house IT infrastructure. In 2014, he pressed ahead with this development by conceiving Klopotek STREAM and establishing it in the market. A browser-based client solution on a cloud-centered technology platform which makes the central workflow processes from the Klopotek Classic Line available anywhere as easy-access web apps with smart, simple user interaction on desktop and mobile devices. This move prompted the creation of Klopotek Software & Technology Services (KSTS) Italia in 2015, a wholly owned subsidiary of Klopotek AG. In the same year, an additional Klopotek UK office opened in Glasgow.

As an entrepreneur, Ulrich Klopotek von Glowczewski calls for an open and purposeful discussion of the future of the publishing and media industry. He launched the annual “Forum Herstellung” (English: Forum Production) in Berlin, which in 2004 expanded to cover the entire industry under the name “Publishers’ Forum”.

Ulrich Klopotek von Glowczewski graduated from the Technische Universität Berlin with a degree in computer science in 1985.