Panelists were: Ruth Jones from Ingram, Sadia Shahid from Colwiz, and Ilian Uzunov from Ontotext.

Sadia said in her opening words that we‘re today in the ‚industry 4.0‘ world in wich AI is the new electricity. She argued that publishers just as other industries are struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation and research (such as in the area of cancer), so combining human intelligence with AI might help. „AI can accelerate the R&D life cycle.“


Ruth Jones from Ingram described how a distributor that is „not a start-up“ invests in new technology. As regards the relevance of data, she said that it‘s important to look for data outside of the book industry. With so many sources of data, a dashboard is required, she said, to understand it, as you can‘t keep an eye on everything. „The democratisation of data is a huge opportunity in this area.“ Ruth also agreed that „people and machines as a team can work so much better“ and achieve more.

“Making sense of text and data“, is the mission of Ilian Uzunov from Ontotext, a semantic solutions provider to unstructured data. He presented a „SemTech-enhanced workflow.“