What driving forces are having the greatest impact on the current transformation of publishing: New technology? Or new business models? Or, above all, shifting customer preferences?

Here are three examples of how the Publishers’ Forum in Berlin on 9 and 10 May can help provide top-class input to resolve heated debates in your publishing house:

Technology in communication:
AI won’t just help to manage big data, it will also change communication – both internally and with consumers. David Linderman, Creative Director at IBM iX, will explain the practical implications and present examples of the intersection between the creative industries and technology – from the design of human-machine interactions to experiments in teaching IBM’s “Watson” to recognize emotions.

Business models:
Open access has long since transformed academic publishing from the ground up. Publishers today have to be proficient in both open access and conventional business models in order to position themselves optimally in new contracts with researchers and libraries. Together with experienced librarians, publisher Vivian Berghahn from Berghahn Books in New York and Knowledge Unlatched Managing Director Sven Fund will probe the practicability of the new rules of the game.

Consumer behavior:
Amazon Publishing is increasingly bringing authors’ stories to target groups across every format. For Friederike Diaz Ortega, Head of Amazon Publishing Germany, the key is format-agnostic publishing, because consumers want to switch back and forth between printed book, e-book or audio book, one-off purchase, download or streaming subscription without any hurdles, depending on what is most practical for them at any given moment.

By attending the Publishers’ Forum you will have the opportunity to compare case studies and strategies from across the creative industries and trade and academic publishing first-hand.