Bob Stein at the conference dinner of the Publishers' Forum 2011

Bob Stein at the conference dinner of the Publishers’ Forum 2011

“Our grandchildren will be amazed to learn that in our day reading was something one did alone,” said visionary Bob Stein (USA) at the Publishers’ Forum 2011 when he presented a software that has social reading built into its DNA. He will present an alpha version of his SocialBook at the Publishers’ Forum 2014.

But what does this mean for the book business? Brian O’Leary, Principal, Magellan Media Consulting Partners (USA),  believes, “publishers need to develop an architecture of collaboration, exploring ways to engage with firms as well as readers and writers who can help them understand and offer new sources and uses of what was once just book content.”

This is a new, highly topical discussion in the USA; check out this interview with Clay Shirky on the McKinsey website. The title of Brian O’Leary’s presentation is „An Architecture of Collaboration“.