The publishing market is undergoing significant transformation; traditional industry giants suddenly collapsing. In the face of impending oversaturation, new competitors are winning the race for attention.

In this climate investments have become a dangerous risk. Keeping strategic considerations and day-to-day business in accord is becoming a balancing act. Get up to speed on the latest developments.

In Berlin on 9 and 10 May, the 16th Publishers’ Forum brings together the key positions in the current strategic debates over two compact conference days. Use the opportunity for discussion!

You can get an overview of the topics, speakers and viewpoints right now in the agenda.

A selection of our topics:

  • How can you successfully steer your company or your business unit through turbulent developments in the market?
  • How can you improve the efficiency of your processes and how can you trial business models under realistic conditions?
  • How are artificial intelligence and big data being used here and now to increase the efficiency of publishing processes? Which use cases are the new technologies appropriate for? What risks have to be considered?
  • How does the “new story telling” work? Who is finding new opportunities as a result? Who is resisting the new competitors?
  • What can publishers learn from other creative industries?
  • What positions have been taken up in the Open Access debate? By whom? And why?
  • How is a new format-agnostic segment, “digital consumer books”, that work across all channels and business models emerging from the e-book format?
  • How do experts see the future of reading?

Hear about strategies and models first-hand from though leaders and first-rate practitioners from Amazon, Europa Editions, the Frankfurt Book Fair, Gyldendal, Holtzbrinck and Holtzbrinck Digital Publishing, IBM, Klopotek, Penguin Random House, Planeta, Springer Nature, Unsilo, Wattpad, and others.

We’ve given our program a lot of thought and gathered international input to offer you two days of uncompromising insights into the burning questions facing the industry: Publishers’ Forum 9 and 10 May 2019.

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