How can publishers profit from the boom in storytelling in the new media environment of TV series and global hits? That’s the question concerning strategists at every trade publisher.

Stroke of genius – “L’amica geniale”

Elena Ferrante’s global bestseller, “L’amica geniale” (“My Brilliant Friend”), and its current TV adaptation by HBO and RAI, show that even a comparatively small publishing house like Europa Editions can reap the benefits of this boom.

Published in Italy by Edizioni E/O in 2011, and by Europa Editions, their affiliate in New York, in 2012, “My Brilliant Friend” grew to become a mega-bestseller in the world’s biggest market, the US, and subsequently in dozens of other countries. In Berlin, Europa’s Editor-in-Chief, Michael Reynolds, will discuss the publishing choices he and his team made on the road to bestsellerdom, the journey to TV success, and his efforts to form a co-marketing platform with the TV series producers.

Spanish language market: optimizing core business

Just as the story of Europa Editions’ success stands for publishers that cross the borders of the book business, one of the opening keynotes will illustrate how important it is to perfect your core business in order to hold your own in the face of market turbulence.

Grupo Planeta is the biggest publishing group in the Spanish-language market and one of the top-selling trade publishers worldwide. In the past decade, however, the domestic market in Spain has been confronted with a massive downturn, an exodus of major customer groups, an increase in piracy, and enormous pressure to consolidate.

Despite all this, CEO Jesús Badenes successfully piloted the Planeta ship through these storms, using diverse strategic instruments, such as the expansion of their international engagement in Latin America, and their withdrawal from the French market to consolidate the financial position of the parent company in Barcelona. In Berlin he will give an appraisal of this journey: “Today we are stronger than ever before.”

And on the practical side?

On 9 and 10 May, we will be complementing our presentations and discussions on current key industry issues with workshops on assorted topics, such as:

  • Efficiency improvements through the strategic use of IT
  • Expanding value creation through optimal management of rights and licenses
  • Models for collaboration with other media and the creative industries

There’s more to come in January when we’ll provide more details on the speakers and the agenda for 2019.

For now, we wish you a happy holiday season and a great start to the new year!