As Managing Director Books, Dr. Niels Peter Thomas is responsible for Springer Nature’s books portfolio, spanning more than 300,000 academic books across all subject areas, and 13,000 new books each year. He is also in charge of more than 600 editorial colleagues worldwide, coordinating the books business across Springer Nature’s renowned book imprints, such as Springer, Palgrave Macmillan, J.B. Metzler, and others.
His main tasks also include further development of print and electronic books, innovative technical features, new business models and workflows. Building on his former position as Chief Book Strategist, he is responsible for defining Springer Nature’s global strategy to shape the future of book publishing and reading.

In addition, Niels has been appointed Managing Director of Springer Campus GmbH, which focuses on eLearning and distance learning programmes.

Niels joined Springer in 2005 and worked in various editorial and management positions in Heidelberg and Wiesbaden, Germany, as well as in Beijing, China. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in economics. Next to his position at Springer Nature, he is a university lecturer covering topics around digitalization in the publishing industry and the future of book publishing and reading.