Dr. Klaus Driever
Head of Strategic Digital Initiatives
Allianz Deutschland AG

Training as journal editor in Trier, Studies in Political Science, History, Law and Computer Science in Freiburg, Dublin, Osnabrück

1995 – 1998 Editor-in-Chief at Hubert BurdaMedia and ProSieben Media

1998 – 2012 General Manager at publishing group Weltbild, being responsible
– among others – for eCommerce, magazine and book publishing, buecher.de and bol.com.

In 2013 joining Allianz Germany as Senior Manager for Digital Sales (AllSecur, Allianz.de).

Since 2017 responsible for Strategic Digital Initiatives of Allianz Deutschland AG

Honorary Appointment until 2012 as President of the Association of Magazine Publishers in Bavaria (VZB) as well as Vice President of the Association of Magazine Publishers in Germany (VDZ).


Personalization is the Key – Financial Industries and Publishing in the Digital Age

– Are industries able to learn from each other?
– Insurance industry: How customer journeys have changed
– Key Levers: Personalization and Communication
– Agil is not enough: Operating models for the future
– Strategic decisions and smart choices