Dr. Julius Mittenzwei is founder and CTO of Open Publishing. He has 20 years of experience in digital publishing. As Open Publishing is the hub for connecting all stakeholders of digital publishing his interest is a high interoperability and reliable data channels. Although there are already several well established standards in the publishing industry IPE will bring them together and connect them to a robust framework. Julius is a licensed lawyer and wrote his PhD theses about Digital Rights Management systems. He serves as a member of the board of directors for Torproject Inc.


Photo: Julius Mittenzwei


Interoperability in the Publishing Industry – Starting the Journey in Printing and Logistics

Jens Nebe and Dr. Julius Mittenzwei

Most companies foster digitalization only within their respective enterprise. But thinking outside the box of their own company is vital in order to make the digital transformation a success, and to thrive in the process. Interoperability is key. Organizations along the entire value chain in publishing, and from several countries started an initiative aiming at „Integrating the Publishing Environment“, in order to develop open standard interfaces to make interoperability happen. Jens Nebe and Dr. Julius Mittenzwei are the champions of the first two working groups Printing and Logistics. They will provide practical insights, explain the need for this initiative, and report about what has happend so far.