There is hardly a single publishing company that is not currently dealing with fundamental organizational questions: do we have the right corporate structure? Do we have to recalibrate the balance between autonomy in program design and the bundling of digitization, back office and sales activities? Which investments have priority? In which areas of operations do new business ideas lay the foundations for realistic enhancements in your portfolio?

These are also crucial questions which the experienced decision makers at the Publishers’ Forum will speak to in Berlin on 24 and 25 April 2017:

  • Christian Schumacher-Gebler is reorganizing how the publishers of the Bonnier Group coordinate their manifold processes, what should be clustered and where the creativity of the various publishing houses should be put to use;
  • In the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, Florian Geuppert is the trailblazer for digital content that goes far beyond the borders of the traditional publishing business – user-generated content, for example, or subscription offers;
  • David Klett is responsible for digital innovation at a leading educational publisher with years of experience in international markets.

Ultimately, the exploitation of rights and licenses has the potential to open up new lines of business. However, in order for the complex business surrounding your content assets to continue to bear fruit in the long term, the related workflows must be perfectly integrated into existing publishing processes. A workshop will elaborate on how this works in practice.
After all, that is the fundamental principle of our two-day conference: the synthesis of strategic perspectives with the day-to-day business of publishing.

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