Many people who are now making plans and preparing projects for the new year are probably also reflecting on the past months. “What happened to …” – this is a question perhaps associated with plans and projects that were promoted at the Publishers‘ Forum.

We’d like to point you to two examples that will also be relevant in 2018:

Laura Nevanlinna from Finland presented Kaiken Publishing’s contribution to the huge success of ‘Angry Birds’ in 2017. One year later, following a management buy-out, she is frequently travelling between Helsinki, Vancouver, and Los Angeles and busy establishing Kaiken Entertainment. “Storytelling through TV, film, digital products, licensing, and publishing”: this is the mission of a company that aims at crossing many borders of traditional publishing. At the Publishers‘ Forum 2018, Laura will present a first interim review of this move to the next level.

Marguerite Joly from Germany ‘imported’ the digital preview service NetGalley from the US to Ullstein publishers in Berlin in 2016; she presented her vision of utilizing new online services at our conference. For Bonnier – a group that is rapidly expanding on an international level – she’s now doing it the other way around with the reader’s community ‘’ she’s in charge of: this D2C portal will expand from Germany to North America and the UK as Bookish First and Readers First. As she is overseeing this process, Marguerite will get even more experience in how publishers and end consumers can find and explore new ways together. She’ll share her insights with us at the Forum 2018.

These are just two of many examples who’ll help us to go beyond traditional ways of thinking and doing business – examples of how publishing is continuously reinventing itself.

‘Beyond Publishing’ – our motto for the 2018 event – will be the guideline for blending strategic visions with the requirements of the day-to-day business. We’re confident that we’ll be able to present more examples and speakers you’ll find interesting and exciting during the next couple of weeks – and we hope to see you at the conference.

But before that, we’d like to wish you happy holidays at the end of a challenging year – and a great start into the new year!