Books are not enough. In some instances at least, attractive new universes of content can be organized around books, reaching into games, educational materials, merchandizing, and allowing you to tap into communities of users which are difficult to reach with the written word alone.

However, many such experiences have highlighted the challenges in overcoming not just the hurdles resulting from additional cost and technological oddities, but also those which arise from a clash of audience cultures.
And yet, a growing number of publishers, internationally as well as in Germany, are successfully exploring these new fields and experiences.

On the other hand, the traditional relationship between author and publisher also needs to be re-examined in light of these new possibilities. How can this seldom easy symbiosis retain its vitality as authors diversify and traditional methods of exploitation change in the face of new digital options, but also in view of predominantly declining print revenues.

Sessions will include first-hand accounts from within both a leading global publishing house and an independent publisher, as well as the adventurers of a former bookseller in the lands of fantasy and fan culture. In addition, experienced editors, agents and writers, each with a particularly varied professional background will review existing practices, new possibilities and challenges.