Dr. Plamen Petrov joined Amazon in Spring 2015 and oversees the team working with publishers and content owners to broaden the selection of available titles in the Kindle store in Germany.  Before joining Amazon, Plamen was working for almost a decade in consulting for The Boston Consulting Group in Munich, most recently as Principal in the Telco, Media and Technology Practice. During that time, he also completed his PhD on Collective Intelligence and participation processes.

Plamen earned his master’s degree in Business Engineering from The University of Karlsruhe. Already in high school, he was promoting reading as a member of the Jury of the Weilheimer Literaturpreis, one of the first pupil-only juries in Europe.


How and by which means do readers find authors and their books? And how can these ways of finding be used actively to create greater attention for authors and content – especially to attract new readers? These topics are the focus of Plamen Petrov’s presentation, Head of Kindle Content Germany.

Auf welchen Wegen finden Leser zu Autoren und deren Büchern? Und wie können diese Wege aktiv genutzt werden, um noch größere Aufmerksamkeit für Autoren und Inhalte zu schaffen – insbesondere, um neue Leser anzusprechen? Diese Themen stehen im Fokus des Vortrags von Dr. Plamen Petrov, Head of Kindle Content Germany.