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How to Reconstruct Publishing:

Competing Visions, Channels and Audiences.


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How to Reconstruct Publishing / Das Verlagsgeschäft neu ausrichten

Competing Visions, Channels and Audiences
With the transformation of the publishing industry in full swing, the goal of the 2015 edition of the Publishers’ Forum Berlin will be to identify exemplary perspectives and topics and illuminate the junction where strategic visions meet practical challenges and opportunities. [Read more ...]

Konkurrierende Visionen, Kanäle und Zielgruppen
Der Umbau des Verlagsgeschäfts ist auf dem Weg. Beim Publishers‘ Forum 2015 werden dazu exemplarische Themen und Gestaltungen zur Diskussion gestellt, in denen sich die strategischen Ausblicke mit den Herausforderungen und Innovationschancen der Alltagspraxis treffen. [Mehr lesen ...]


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“Sun and Storms over the Tiergarten”: article by David Worlock

“’Its a moral and an ethical system ‘ . Richard Charkin , in a passable imitation of the new business-like Archbishop of Canterbury , defended copyright at last week’s epic Publishers Forum in Berlin , though we all knew that he was referring to a set of trading rules which led Byron to tell his publisher , John Murray , that ‘ Barabbas was the first publisher ‘ .Klopotek’s Berlin show , over 250 strong this year , has become a stadium for opposing positions and sharply contrasted stances .


Helmut von Berg , indefatigable organizer of this event for a decade , retires this year . He earnt the grateful thanks of all of us present in Berlin . He is succeeded by Ruediger Wischenbart and an editorial board who now know how hard it will be to improve on this .”

Read the full article written by David Worlock, Outsell, UK, and Member of the Editorial Board of the Publishers’ Forum

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Gründerpreis an Béa Beste,, Rednerin auf Forum 2014

Béa Beste,, Rednerin auf dem Publishers’ Forum 2014, hat den Gründerpreis an Existenzgründer aus Ostdeutschland der SuperIllu und KfW erhalten:

“Die Gewinner in der Kategorie ‘Kreative’ sind die Berliner Gründerinnen Bea Beste und Sarah Petzold. Sie haben mit der Tollabox eine neue Lernwelt für kleine und große Kinder geschaffen. Mit fantasieanregendem Spielmaterial sollen Kreativität und logisches Denken gefördert werden.”

Video der Preisvergabe (auf Youtube)

Wir gratulieren!

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“Buggy whipped into collaboration”: article at Futurebook

“Buggy whipped into collaboration”: Read an article written by Porter Anderson on the Forum presentations of Baldur Bjarnason and Brian O’Leary published at Futurebook, a digital blog from The Bookseller.

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Presentation slides of Helmut von Berg’s closing remarks

Check out the slides of Helmut von Berg’s Closing Remarks (PDF file)

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“Publishing’s ‘Metamorphoses’ at Klopotek 2014′s Berlin Forum”, article by Porter Anderson

“For ‘ten years I have been in charge of this conference,’ Helmut von Berg told the Publishers’ Forum assembly here Tuesday evening. ‘And I wondered what changed in that time.’ The director of Klopotek, the publishing software company, von Berg paused with the timing that comes of a decade’s practice at conference-closing speeches. [...]”

Read the article published on the PublishingPerspectives website

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Check out our pictures of the Forum 2014

Our photo stream on Flickr of this year’s event can be found here:

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Links zu Artikeln über das Forum 2014

Links zu Artikeln über das Forum finden Sie hier.

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An Architecture of Collaboration

Under the title “An Architecture of Collaboration”, Brian O’Leary opened by dealing with two flawed assumptions underlying thinking around media – the “stable media industry” and the idea of a “limited (reading) pie”.

Belief in a “limited (reading) pie” puts publishers on the defensive and leads to talk about “losing share” to new media.

The market for reading may be actually expanding in the current environment, but the expansion is taking place largely outside the traditional supply chains.

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The latest developments in educational publishing and personalized learning

The begin this collaborative presentation, Fionnuala Duggan outlined the fundamental factors of the transition to digital for educational publishers.

Education is undergoing a different transition to digital as other branches of the media industry. People don’t consume educational material in the same way as music or consumer e-books.

Learning platforms will bring some combination of: assessments, analytics, adaptive, personalized, social, “anytime anywhere”, remote access, scalability.

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Reinvention, Revolution and Revitalization: Real Life Tales from Publishing’s Front Lines

Matt Turner, CTO for Media and Publishing at MarkLogic, outlined their vision of flexible, adaptive, data-aware information delivery platforms backed by a new generation of databases chosen to select the type of information being stored and equipped with semantic search capabilities.

In his opinion, this is not a change from analog to digital but from publisher to information publisher. And information publishers need to build information delivery platforms which allow for one-to-one customization. The motto that goes into being an information provider: We sell queries.