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24. April 2017 By Simon Arnold| 0

Cooperation as the key to the extended value chain

In the discussion that followed Laura Nevanlinna’s keynote, she was joined by panelists Michael Bhaskar of Canelo Books, Jellybooks’s Andrew Rhomberg, and moderator Javier Celaya of DosDoce.

Rhomberg began by framing the challenge that gave rise to Jellybooks: Amazon gives us no data – is there another way to collect data on reading habits?

It turns out […]

24. April 2017 By Simon Arnold| 0

Learning from Angry Birds – Laura Nevanlinna

As the introductory presentation for the topic of cooperation, Laura Nevanlinna took delegates on an excursion through what she described as „360° storytelling.“

She identified the three central pillars of this strategy. Firstly, telling stories in full 360, that is using different media in appropriate ways to explore different aspects of a Story, thus providing a […]

24. April 2017 By Stefan Kaufer| 0

The challenges of the 5th wave of bookselling: Michael Tamblyn on the problem of getting attention

In his talk, Michael Tamblyn of Rakuten Kobo and new technology partner of Tolino, expressed strong doubts about „the big fights“ are being over – with e-book sales plateauing and equal pricing cushioning the impact of the loss from print to digital.

The fifth wave, which is now nearing if not already affecting us deeply, is […]

24. April 2017 By Stefan Kaufer| 0

David Worlock’s Strategic Outlook to Publishing

In a „helicopter view“ he delivered at the Forum, David Worlock argued that „adding value and enrichment for the networked citizen“ is now at the core of publishing. To achieve this, „you have to know your customer in a totally new way – in order to make it easier for them.“

David stressed that this can […]

24. April 2017 By Petra| 0

Permissions are a difficult area to deal with

Rights are power for revenue. Improve right sales and improve your P&L.
Permissions inquiries are so many that resources are not getting to the bottom. Klopotek’s „Permissions and Compliance Manager“ solution fits perfect to decrease the workload.

24. April 2017 By Stefan Kaufer| 0

Combine ‚hard‘ and ’soft‘ words: opening remarks by Rüdiger Wischenbart

In his opening remarks, Rüdiger Wischenbart explained that during the two days of the conference, ‚hard‘ or tech-related words and worlds auch as platform connectivity, VR, machine learning, etc. should be balanced and brought together with ’soft‘ words and concepts such as collaboration, partnerships, learning and extending the value chain. „Bridging these two worlds is […]

24. April 2017 By Stefan Kaufer| 0

Technology crucial for next 2-3 years: opening remarks from Uli Klopotek

In his opening remarks to the Forum and the innovative and also „crazy ideas“ it has been continuing to deliver for many years, Uli Klopotek thanked the Editorial Board of the conference, the sponsors and Klopotek shareholders who make it possible to organize and host this event.

Uli pointed out that apart from focusing on ideas […]

24. April 2017 By Simon Arnold| 0

Intention and Attention – Michael Tamblyn

Michael Tamblyn’s keynote revolved around the 5th wave of bookselling. While in the past book price laws
slowed e-book adoption in Europe, the 5th wave of bookselling is the first wave that can’t be „derisked“ through price management – it’s the fight for Attention.

Bricks-and-mortar stores are in a fight for customers‘ Intention – the desire […]

24. April 2017 By Simon Arnold| 0

A Strategic Outlook to Publishing 2017 – David Warlock

Opening the Publishers‘ Forum this year, David Warlock offered a high-level perspective of the state of publishing in 2017.

Rebranding and repositioning: In a networked world, we are all publishers now; not just publishing companies, every individual with access to the network is a publisher!

Publishers have to ask themselves: where do we add value? In Worlock’s […]

20. April 2017 By Stefan Kaufer| 0

Nützliche Informationen zu Ihrer Teilnahme beim Publishers‘ Forum

Bald ist es wieder so weit und das Publishers‘ Forum 2017 im dbb forum berlin beginnt. Zur Vorbereitung Ihrer Reise und Teilnahme haben wir für Sie noch einmal alle wichtigen Informationen zur Veranstaltung zusammengefasst.

Die Registrierung beginnt am Montag, 24. April 2017, um 9:00 Uhr. Hierfür melden […]

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