New technologies as opportunity

Not a day goes by without the media reporting on the threat and opportunity of new technologies: artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, big data analytics for „world domination“.

But the more we read, the more difficult the assessment becomes: what does this mean for publishing?

People who want to utilize the industry-specific applications face a dilemma – while it’s clear that this wave of technological innovation is affecting a number of areas and will run in the background of countless processes, it’s also clear that reliable reports on practical experience are lacking.

For this reason, we are preparing these presentations on concrete use cases:

  • An overview of the smorgasbord of new technologies, their current capabilities, and selected applications, compiled by the experienced analyst René Büst (arago).
  • Big data originates where multiple, separate business processes come together, at Ingram for example, the world’s biggest distributor and print-on-demand provider. Ruth Jones will report where and how Ingram experiments with the latest technologies.
  • What happens when innovative minds forge artificial intelligence and machine learning into practical products that convince leading academic publisher Taylor & Francis to simply take over their startup? Sadia Shahid from colwiz will report.

When handling such tricky topics, the Publishers‘ Forum team pays particular attention to the long-term value of the information provided and the lessons learned. Furthermore, the speakers will also be available for detailed questioning in round-table discussions and workshops.