Get strategic orientation in key notes from thought leaders in the international publishing industry:

  • Michael Tamblyn, CEO of the new Tolino partner Rakuten Kobo, discusses why – in the current situation – different models of collaboration are more important than ever for the publishing industry, and how they can be developed.
  • Virginie Clayssen, CIO of Editis, France’s second-largest publisher, explores the question of how the creation of value for content can increased across the board for diverse processes, channels and formats.
  • Jan-Philip Mohr, CEO of San Francisco-based Hashplay, opens up the “next dimensions in telling a story”: virtual and augmented reality.
  • Henning Schoenenberger, Director Product Data and Metadata, Product & Platform Group at Springer Nature, presents their pioneering project in the area of Linked Open Data, which uses semantics and machine learning to make scholarly publications available via the Internet.