In the course of the digital transformation, publishers are experimenting with new approaches to increase the ways in which they create value and to build direct relationships with end consumers.

Increasingly, however, there are also new models from other sectors that are having an impact on the publishing industry. On 26 and 27 April 2018, the Publishers’ Forum will showcase a selection of these innovative approaches:

  • Storytel, a company with Scandinavian roots, is an internationally expanding streaming service that is increasingly investing in digital audio books. Financing via crowdfunding is at the core of British publisher Unbound’s business model. It’s not just a matter of seed money for new non-fiction titles, the crowdfunding process also makes it possible to observe the reactions of end consumers at an early stage, and adjust products and marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Leading digital platforms like Amazon or Tolino are experimenting with innovative approaches on an even greater scale. “We have to win over new target groups for reading,” argues Plamen Petrov of Kindle Content Germany. In this context, Amazon’s “Prime Reading” – offering digital reading material as a new benefit of the familiar package of films and music – or the ebook subscription, “Tolino Select”, which Tolino boss Hermann Eckel will present, are strategically important starting points for the acquisition of new customers.

These contributions will provide you with a solid foundation for selecting new partners for your business. We already introduced storytelling regardless of the format & creative licensing (Kaiken Entertainment, Laura Nevanlinna, more), direct to consumer & direct to reader (Karla Paul, blogger with +100,000 folllowers, more), and a toolbox for managing change in business models (Ehrhardt F. Heinold, more).

The agenda with all focal topics can be found here.

We hope to see you in Berlin this April and look forward to your registration.