New models for publishing

In the course of the digital transformation, publishers are experimenting with new approaches to increase the ways in which they create value and to build direct relationships with end consumers.

Increasingly, however, there are also new models from other sectors that are having an impact on the publishing industry. On 26 and 27 April 2018, the Publishers’ Forum will showcase a selection of these innovative approaches:

  • Finland’s Kaiken Entertainment is one of the most prominent examples. Kaiken Publishing, the Helsinki-based company, was the publishing arm of the marketing agency Rovio, which produced the global sensation “Angry Birds”. The keyword is now storytelling, regardless of the format, with innovative product development and, above all, remarkable creativity in marketing licenses to partners around the world. Co-founder Laura Nevanlinna is responsible for Kaiken’s licensing business, and will detail her strategies in one of the opening keynotes.
  • Storytel, another company with Scandinavian roots, is an internationally expanding streaming service that is increasingly investing in digital audio books. Financing via crowdfunding is at the core of British publisher Unbound’s business model. It’s not just a matter of seed money for new non-fiction titles, the crowdfunding process also makes it possible to observe the reactions of end consumers at an early stage, and adjust products and marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Karla Paul knows very well the end consumers that publishers have only recently – and often with difficultly – begun to discover. She will present her experiences on the publishing side along with Jonathan Beck, head of the venerable C.H. Beck publishing house; Ullsteain Digital Manager, Marguerite Joly; and newcomer, Jan Lenarz, from Ein guter Verlag.
  • Leading digital platforms like Amazon or Tolino are experimenting with innovative approaches on an even greater scale. “We have to win over new target groups for reading,” argues Plamen Petrov of Kindle Content Germany. In this context, Amazon’s “Prime Reading” – offering digital reading material as a new benefit of the familiar package of films and music – or the ebook subscription, “Tolino Select”, which Tolino boss Hermann Eckel will present, are strategically important starting points for the acquisition of new customers.
  • The Forum’s specialized workshops will open with consultant Ehrhardt F. Heinold and Franziska Schiebe from Beltz, who will present a practical toolbox for managing change in business models.

These contributions will provide you with a solid foundation for selecting new partners for your business.

New models for end-consumers

How can publishers win over more and, above all, new end-consumers? What other sales models work? And which specific models from other business and media segments can publishing emulate?

In Berlin on 26 and 27 April 2018, the speakers at the Publishers‘ Forum will draw on their unique experience to provide answers that you can apply to your business.

What stimuli can the Head of Strategic Digital Initiatives for Allianz – one of the world biggest insurance companies by revenue – offer his former colleagues in the book business? And, conversely, why did Allianz engage the services of the former ProSieben Media Editor-in-Chief and head of e-commerce for the Weltbild publishing group to take the helm of a much larger digital transformation? Klaus Driever will hold one of the opening keynotes.

How and by which means do readers find authors and their books? And how can these ways of finding be used actively to create greater attention for authors and content – especially to attract new readers? These topics are the focus of Plamen Petrov’s presentation, Head of Kindle Content Germany.

Amongst all the publishing giants, how can a smaller publishing house go on the offensive, buying services from the concerns while still maintaining control?  „Unbound“ from north London looks like a startup, has a steadily growing team with a mix of programmers and ‚classic‘ editors, crowdfunds its ever-expanding bouquet of non-fiction titles, which are very efficiently distributed via Random House. „Editor andliteraryprogrammer“, the title that Mathew Clayton bears as Unbound’s head of publishing, is certainly appropriate.

Laura Nevanlinna from Finland presented Kaiken Publishing’s contribution to the huge success of ‘Angry Birds’ in 2017. One year later, following a management buy-out, she is frequently travelling between Helsinki, Vancouver, and Los Angeles and busy establishing Kaiken Entertainment. “Storytelling through TV, film, digital products, licensing, and publishing”: this is the mission of a company that aims at crossing many borders of traditional publishing. At the Publishers‘ Forum 2018, Laura will present a first interim review of this move to the next level.

Marguerite Joly from Germany ‘imported’ the digital preview service NetGalley from the US to Ullstein publishers in Berlin in 2016; she presented her vision of utilizing new online services at our conference. For Bonnier – a group that is rapidly expanding on an international level – she’s now doing it the other way around with the reader’s community ‘vorablesen.de’ she’s in charge of: this D2C portal will expand from Germany to North America and the UK as Bookish First and Readers First. As she is overseeing this process, Marguerite will get even more experience in how publishers and end consumers can find and explore new ways together. She’ll share her insights with us at the Forum 2018.