Nermin Mollaoglu_mediumFounder of Kalem Agency / Organizer of ITEF Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival

Nermin Mollaoğlu worked at YKY, one of the biggest and most prestigious publishers in Turkey. In 2005, she established Kalem Agency, which acts as sub-agent for many publishers and agencies in the Turkish market and also represents 150 Turkish authors worldwide

As an agency with thirteen staff, Kalem primarily focuses on fiction in all genres, children’s literature and non-fiction.

Kalem is also the organizer of ITEF, “Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival”, the first and still the only international literature festival in Turkey.

Nermin Mollaoğlu earned her MA in English Literature and Language from the University of Connecticut. This was followed by another MA from Istanbul Bilgi University, with a dissertation on loopholes in rights deals and contracts for authors and translators in Turkey. Mollaoğlu has been studying Arabic language and literature at Istanbul University.