The strategy dispute in the publishing industry: Drive diversity? Or focus on the core business? And how to increase efficiency in either case!

As competition is increasing and publishing markets are shrinking, the fear of disruption is growing. Embracing digitization is key to be able to counteract.

The Publishers’ Forum will put its focus on the industry’s urgency to cope with rapidly growing new entrants to its traditional sector. Plus, new media formats, alternative business models, and additional channels to reach the consumer have to be established – although they can rarely make up – at once and in full – for the losses publishers incurred. The traditional business has to be redefined while efficiency has to be improved across the entire company. This requires bold investments and agile concepts. The new winner-takes-it-all market is pushing for more risk-taking. Is it possible to put a strong focus on the traditional bread-and-butter business to ensure that a stable balance sheet can be maintained, while reorganizing the value chains at the same time?

Publishers’ Forum 2019 will be centered on challenging choices, paradoxical demands, and controversial options in the content business. The two-day conference in the center of Berlin will reach out beyond the old limitations of the publishing and book business to other relevant industries, and refresh its set-up by offering more in-depth dialogs, sharpening the debate, and opening an even more creative space for thoughtful encounters.

First speakers and topics will be announced before the end of the year.

Don’t miss this opportunity: Save the date now – 9-10 May 2019. Send us your thoughts and suggestions for the Forum agenda.