Javier Celaya_mediumJavier Celaya is the CEO and founder of Dosdoce.com, as well as the vice president of the Spanish Digital Magazines Association (ARDE) and member of the Executive Board of the Digital Economy Association of Spain as well as a strategic advisor and investor of leading publishing digital initiatives such as Tekstum, Seebook, The Spanish Bookstage, Vivlios, Komilibro, Slicebooks, among others.

Dosdoce.com was launched in March 2004 for the purpose of analyzing the use of new technologies in the cultural sector and publishes annual studies related to trends in the creative industries

Dosdoce.com provides strategic management consultancy services, as well as digital skills training sessions to a wide range of cultural sector professional: publishers, retailers, museums, librarians, etc.

Throughout the years we have compiled over 40 studies and reports on the use of new technologies in different areas of the cultural sector.

Javier is author of several books (“Corporate blogging”, “Corporate strategies in the web 2.0”, “Business Communication 2.0”, etc.) and writes daily in the Spanish digital cultural trends focused blog Comunicación Cultural. He also has written several articles in leading Spanish and English speaking media. Latest articles published in english:

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QR Codes, NFC Chips and New Paths to Book Discovery
How to Counter Amazon: Create a One World E-Book Alliance
He also is the co-director and adjunct professor of the Digital Publishing Master at the University of Alcala in Madrid. Javier holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Columbia University in New York and Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Boston College.