Increasingly, technology choices are deciding, or at least heavily influencing, whether a publisher’s vision works out in the competitive realities of today’s markets.

The large corporate publishers are busy resolving the complex puzzle of integrating new, fast digital innovation with conservative, yet proven editorial and distribution work flows. Small publishers are facing the challenge of combining the dynamism and creativity of small teams with technological tool sets, particularly cloud services, to successfully compete with the giants.

Meanwhile, the many medium-sized publishing houses are struggling with ways to maintain the motivation and morale of their teams, while suddenly having to promote and market their authors and books across wildly competing, old and new channels, formats and systems.

Each of these steps challenges the existing organization directly – and is being redefined by IT tools and digital processes.

Sessions will include keynote remarks with insights from innovators at both corporate publishers as well as small and medium-sized players, together with practical guidance on anchoring decisions and choices in solid due diligence and analysis.