Graham Bell, Executive Director and Chief Data Architect, EDItEUR, UK

Graham is Executive Director of EDItEUR, responsible for the overall development of EDItEUR’s standards and the management services it provides on behalf of other standards agencies (including the International ISBN, ISTC and ISNI agencies). He has expert technical knowledge of metadata and identifier issues, and is an experienced speaker, writer and skilled trainer. He joined EDItEUR as its Chief Data Architect in 2010, focussed on the continuing development and application of ONIX for Books, and on other EDItEUR standards for both the book and serials sectors.

Graham previously worked for HarperCollins Publishers in the UK, where most recently he was Head of Publishing Systems. He led the development of bibliographic and digital asset management systems, and was involved with the launches of many HarperCollins digital initiatives including e-audio, e-books and print-on-demand programmes. He has over a decade of experience with ONIX for Books. Prior to HarperCollins, he worked as an editor and in IT roles within the magazine industry with Redwood Publishing and BBC Magazines.

“Metadata Workbench” (Workshop)

Graham Bell will lead an interactive workshop on metadata issues, focussing on standards used in the German and global book trade, specifically on ONIX, EDItX, Thema and identifiers such as ISBN and ISNI. Attendees are asked to pose questions and raise their real-world issues with the speaker in advance, so they can be discussed and answered in detail during the session. Topics might include strategic issues such as the future roadmap for Thema or the ISNI, detailed policy issues around metadata for subscription business models or the application of the ISBN to modern e-publications and apps, or in-depth questions on particular ONIX data elements.