Duggan_mediumFionnuala Duggan has over 20 years of senior publishing experience in leading global organisations, focused mainly on the growth and transition to digital media. She is Impresario Media LLP at Yale University Press, London.

Until March 2014, she was International Managing Director of CourseSmart LLC, a Silicon Valley-based educational technology start-up.

Prior to CourseSmart, Ms. Duggan served as the Random House Group Director of Digital, where she led its digital activities, including the launch and growth of ebooks, audio-books and ecommerce, as well as further developing the digital business infrastructure to support future goals and expansion plans.

Previously, she was a Partner at Impresario Media LLP where she advised corporate and private equity clients on digital media strategies.

She also served in various executive roles at EMI Recorded Music, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., and Maxwell Multi Media, among others. Fionnuala has a BA Mod in Experimental Physics from Trinity College Dublin and an MBA from INSEAD.