Dr Rolf Grisebach,
CEO, Thames & Hudson, UK
Foto (C) Klaus D. Wolf

Currently CEO of the family owned publisher Thames & Hudson, a market leader in art and illustrated books, with a global reach and HQ in London. Previously ran the education business Pearson Germany. Headed ‘Deutscher Fachverlag’, a leading European trade magazine publisher , and began his publishing career at the Holtzbrinck group, where he was member of the management board and was in charge of the US Education business . Before at BCG in Munich and London offices. Business Administration and Law Degrees and PhD from Munich.

“Adaptive strategies for changing publishing markets”
With the current pace of change in retail trends, consumer tastes, and market competition, it is almost impossible to develop, and then implement, a defined mid-term strategy. It must therefore be more advisable for organisations to develop a flexible approach, constantly adapting their business model and the products being offered. The speaker will demonstrate this using examples from his current assignment as CEO of Thames & Hudson, a leading art/ illustrated book publisher, with its headquarters in London. He will also compare his impressions in the UK with previous experiences in Germany, and highlight the differences between running a publisher targeting global markets versus an organisation with a more regional/national focus.


[Foto: Copyright Klaus D. Wolf]