Strohe_mediumDr. Dirk Strohe, born 1970, is managing partner at Nomotekt GmbH, an affiliate of CognotektGmbH based in Cologne. Cognotekt/Nomotekt is a global technology leader in the field of domain-specific artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, with an emphasis on text processing. Nomotekt specialises in transforming complicated textsinto mathematics with the aim of identifying and interpretingmathematical patterns to establish radically advanced business processes.

Before joining Nomotekt, Dr. Dirk Strohe studied and earned a PhD in law. He then worked for different law firms, advising clients on commercial law. Meanwhile, he displayed his enthusiasm for languages by learning several of them (including Japanese) as well as through numerous legal publications which have been cited in various court decisions up to the German High Court (Bundesgerichtshof). His hobbies include reciting poetry in theaters and – occasionally – appearing as an actor in TV productions.