Quick communication and star ratings on social media. Apps that tell “stories”. How are our behavior as consumers and our daily lives changing as a result of trends and innumerable new influences? And what does this mean for the publishing industry?

At the Publishers’ Forum in Berlin on 26 and 27 April 2018, we want to explore these key questions. The following speakers, among others, will offer approaches to adapting to the new conditions:
Paula Zuccotti, raised in Buenos Aires, the experienced industrial designer now works internationally from her base in London. With the help of her book “Every Thing We Touch: A 24-Hour Inventory of Our Lives”, she will give an account of the formative influences that objects exert on consumers – based on her intuitive design approach. More
With her experience with reader communities at LovelyBooks and in cross-media publishing at Edel, Karla Paul reaches more than 100,000 readers, authors and publishers with her blog, “Buchkolumne” (“Book Column”), and social media presence. “Know your reader!” will be the subject of her investigation with Jonathan Beck (C.H. Beck), Marguerite Joly (Ullstein) and Jan Lenarz (Ein guter Verlag). More
As part of a working group at the Börsenverein (German Publishers and Booksellers Association), the experienced consultant Ehrhardt F. Heinold was involved in the development of a tool that can analyze changes in consumer behavior systematically at an early stage. Together with Franziska Schiebe, head of e-business development for the Beltz publishing group, he will present how the tool helps publishing houses and organizations to adjust their business models. More


The Publishers’ Forum will examine the subject of “direct to consumer” from numerous perspectives: the sudden emergence of new trends, the power of communication via social media, the rapid changes that necessitate new conditions in your company.