Digitization and the need to offer more granular content are putting pressure on publishers of all types to change their business models. Challenging strategic decisions have to be taken in order to remain successful on the market. A key element is the question of efficiency in handling contracts, rights, and royalties.

The margin of operating successfully per item is getting smaller and smaller. This means that the per item costs for managing contacts, rights, and royalties have to go down. So, it is vital to modernize IT systems and to advance to a higher level of automation. But should you do it as a company – and can you do it? If it should be somebody else – who? And can they guarantee the results you expect?

Discussion panel: increase efficiency internally vs. outsource processes (or do it half-way)?

At the Publishers’ Forum from 9-10 May in Berlin, experienced professionals will discuss different options:

Centralizing contracts, rights, and royalties related processes for a large number of business units spread all over the world in a central, internal system can result in harmonized processes. But what are the exact requirements of such a project, and what are the implications for the infrastructure that is in place?

Everybody knows that this type of processes is crucial for author retention. If you opt for outsourcing these tasks to an external service provider, how can you ensure that there will be no loss of data quality?
Or, what about doing it half-way, i.e. making your in-house IT department your own service provider?

This discussion will bring to stage different opinions and strategies. As a moderator and speaker to compare differing positions and ask crucial questions, Peter Karwowski, CTO & Deputy CEO, Klopotek, will get the audience involved in this exchange of ideas.

Workshop: “How did you do this, exactly?”

After a break, Forum participants who listened to the discussion can address our speakers with direct questions in a workshop. Hearing about the lessons learned will help you to achieve your goal the most direct and efficient way – whatever path you take.