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How to Reconstruct Publishing:

Competing Visions, Channels and Audiences.

29. April 2015 by Stefan Kaufer | Comments Off

“Tolino: Viele Fremd- und Mobile-Leser”

“Auf der Fachkonferenz Publishers’ Forum in Berlin referierte Tolino-Media-Geschäftsführer Christian Schniedermann am heutigen Dienstag über die bisherigen Erfolge der Tolino-Allianz.” Lesen Sie den Artikel auf

28. April 2015 by Stefan Kaufer | Comments Off

Closing remarks from Rüdiger Wischenbart

Rüdiger Wischenbart, Director of the Forum, said that one thing he liked very much about this year’s conference was questioning well-established “wisdoms” and the word “storytelling” being part of many sessions dealing with topics very different from each other. He … Continue reading