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New Thinking, New Practices

As Chief Digital Officer at Bonnier, Anki Ahrnell is entrusted with the management of the digital transition and the development of digital products for the whole Bonnier media group. Her talk was appropriately subtitled “Reframing and transforming the publishing house in today’s digital environment. Strategies and concepts.”

The central theses of Ahrnell’s presentation can be summed […]

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New Thinking, New Doing

Joerg Rheinboldt, CEO of Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator, played host to a workshop bringing together innovators and industry veterans to analyze and evaluate four selected startup concepts for publishing innovation.

Rheinboldt began by categorizing the ASPnP investment philosophy as early-stage investment with a venture capital focus. Along with an injection of capital, their accelerator […]

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»Ich glaube nicht mehr an das Buch.«

“Das Thema »Digital Education« nahm auf dem diesjährigen Publishers Forum breiten Raum ein. Auf einer Session des Kongresses stellten sich vier Startups mit ihren Geschäftsideen und -modellen im Bildungsbereich vor. Dabei entflammte unerwartet eine Diskussion über die Zukunft des Buches – und der Verlage.”

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“VG Wort-Urteil: Kritik am Börsenverein beim Publishers’ Forum – Absehbare Klatsche?”

Der Bundesgerichtshof hat entschieden, dass Verlage kein Geld mehr von der VG Wort erhalten sollen. Welche Rolle hat der Börsenverein an dem „fatalen Urteil“ („Zeit“)? Beim Publishers’ Forum in Berlin wurde deutliche Kritik am Verband laut.

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“Debatte über Streaming-Modelle beim Publishers’ Forum – Allzu Teuflisches”

“Ist Streaming des Teufels oder nicht? Nachdem Bastei Lübbe auf dem Publishers’ Forum die eigenen Pläne für Oolipo präsentierte, entwickelte sich eine kontroverse Diskussion über die Netflixisierung der Buchbranche – ein Trend, der allmählich aus der Musik- und Filmbranche in die Buchbranche schwappt.”

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International Trends and Developments in Digital Educational Publishing

After some opening remarks and figures from Kate Worlock of Outsell, this panel turned into a lively opinionated discussion of the current situation in educational publishing and possible future developments.

One thing the participants agreed on was that the established players in the educational market have the advantages of a trusted brand, existing high-quality content, and […]

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“Closing Remarks” – thanks for joining us

This was the Publishers’ Forum 2016. We’d like to thank you very much for participating in this year’s conference.

Check back soon for videos and presentations on our website.

See you next year.

Read below some comments on the two conference days. Closing remarks from: Fionnuala Duggan, Joerg Pfuhl, Rüdiger Wischenbart …

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The Impact of Getting to Know Your Customer

“Content is everywhere and advertisers can find audiences on their own.” – Jeff Litvack

Matt Turner from MarkLogic opened the session exploring the potential of customer data by asking how consumer input might affect distribution, production, editorial, planning processes in publishing houses.
He posited that lack of customer feedback for publishers is like being in a submarine without […]

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Forums-Thema Nachwuchs: “Monika Kolb über Auszubildende in der Buchbranche”

“2015 haben viele Bewerber ihre Ausbildung in der Buchbranche nicht angetreten. Wie reagiert die Branche und wo herrscht Verbesserungsbedarf?”

Lesen Sie das Interview auf www.buchreport.de

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Contributions to the “Digital Transformation” theme

Beyond the Book of today. Audiences. Markets. Platforms. Regulations. New Disruptive Contexts for (Book) Publishing.


Peter Brantley, UC Davis Library at UC Davis / Books in Browsers, USA

Marguerite Joly, Ullstein, GER

David Worlock, Outsell, UK

Katharina Dermuehl, Kiron, GER

Read some comments below on the introductory talk of Peter Brantley, UC Davis Library at UC Davis / Books in […]