Ruud Kluivers, General Manager Liferay Benelux BV, has 20 years experience in the publishing industry. He was editor and editor-in-chief, he introduced editorial systems, operated a large Bulletin Boards (pre-internet), acted as CTO of an internet Publishing Service, his last position in the sector was Innovation Manager. Early 2012 he joined Liferay and has been responsible for the Benelux office ever since.


Make Real Transformation Happen.

No industry is immune to digital transformation! Can you couple digital experiences with deep operational change to serve customers and accelerate innovation? No doubt Digital Transformation impacts People, Process and Technology. What does this mean to your business? Are you able to Unify Customer Experiences, Transform Business Operations, Evolve Digital Strategy at the pace you wish / need? In this workshop we’ll explore what these 3 pillars mean to you and how they may help you overcome the hurdles that you face to make real transformation happen.