Mike Feerick is CEO & Founder of Alison, one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for workplace education and skills training. With 12 million registered learners, and 1.5m million graduates of 1,000+ free courses across every country worldwide, Alison is revolutionizing global employment opportunity. Founded in 2007, Alison is credited as being the first massive free learning platform worldwide.

Mike believes that current workforce education, training, and accreditation systems are not fit for purpose, being too slow, too expensive, to shallow in the breath of offerings provided, and too inaccessible for all. He believes that the future of learning and accreditation lies within the subject-matter-expertise and publishing capability of corporations and the collective “Power of the Crowd”.  With free learning, certification, learning management and publishing tools open to any and all organisations via open and free learning platforms like Alison, organisations have the potential of becoming more “agile” than ever before.