Ilian joined Ontotext to strengthen the positions of the company in the scientific and academic publishing verticals. He is enthusiastic about the ways in which cognitive technologies and AI could be harnessed for the sake of more efficient scientific research and knowledge sharing. Ilian has more than 17 years experience in publishing, education and e-government projects with strong use of knowledge graphs, NLP, machine learning.

Leveraging cognitive and AI technologies for more efficient content production and content delivery
In our digital age, contributors and consumers are overwhelmed by an ocean of articles containing millions of field-specific scientific concepts. Researchers and readers alike find it increasingly challenging to discover the most relevant content they need. Consumers also want to be able to see how information is related across a variety of scholarly domains and not just an isolated area of research.
By leveraging AI and cognitive technologies, publishers could create smarter, faster and easier content publishing workflows on one hand, and smarter, faster and easier content consumption journeys for readers, on the other.
Having richer, linked content increases also business opportunities for publishers to reuse and up-sell both their existing and legacy content by addressing more efficiently their readers’ needs.