CA April 15

Claire Anker, Digital Infringement Manager, The Publishers Association Limited, UK

Claire Anker is the Digital Infringement Manager at The Publishers Association, the UK’s leading trade association for books, journals and electronic publishers. The Publishers Association works on behalf of its members to promote the intellectual property agenda, leading the debate in digital and other arenas, and working to ensure that IP laws are enforced. The association has developed the Copyright Infringement Portal, an online notice and takedown service, to help the publishing industry to streamline its response to online infringements.

“Challenges and Opportunities in Protecting Copyright: Transform or Abandon DRM?” (Workshop)

How serious is the threat from piracy, really? And what are the options to protect digital content without locking it away? Understanding the state of piracy. Introducing smart and innovative software approaches to DRM. Or opting out of DRM altogether. How best can we control over intellectual property? Three perspectives on a key controversy in digital publishing.

(with Ronald Schild and Richard Nash)