Learning design manager at Q-Sense




Q-Sense adds intelligence to (existing) educational content and supports educational publishers in providing learning analytics and adaptive learning to their customers. The Q-methodology and the Q-AI modules can be implemented in the publishers’ work process and in their architecture without disrupting current services.

The presentation will focus on four elements:
• Following market dynamics: supporting your users in moving from today’s ‘digital dashboarding’ to learning analytics, machine supported teacher/learner recommendations and adaptive learning materials.
• Transforming your existing content: organizing your content in sequences of learning objects linked to learning objective networks and predefined performance indicators (the ‘intelligent playlist’ concept).
• Ready for publishing personalized ‘digital playlists’: how Q-indicators, big data and algorithms provide instruction for ‘optimized playlists’ for each learner and how to manage the publishing process.
• Adapting your technical infrastructure: how Q-modules compliment Klopotek functionality and strengthen publishers’ systems.

Meir Lebi, co-founder of Q-Sense, background as CTO and CEO in international edtech companies for corporate learning and educational publishing.

Amy Franken, learning design manager in Q-Sense, background in learning design and ‘smart content’ creation for e-learning programmes both for educational publishers, broadcasters and corporate training.